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  1. ShoppingJobs - HOMEPAGE
    ShoppingJobs is looking for people to participate in surveys and offers over the web. Receive Cash for Survey offers, coupons, discounts, Gifts, Rewards and giveaways. We want your opinions - "Help Us To Help You"

  2. ShoppingJobs - LOGIN
    Login to your account and earn cash & prizes for filling out Surveys. We want your opinions - "Help Us To Help You"

  3. ShoppingJobs - FAQ
    ShoppingJobs answers all your queries on how to earn cash and prizes through surveys. We want your opinions - "Help Us To Help You"

  4. ShoppingJobs - AVAILABLE SURVEYS
    List of available surveys & offers you can take and earn big money

  5. ShoppingJobs - BONUS OFFERS
    Please take a few moments to respond to our optional survey, filled with Free Stuff & Special Offers!

  6. ShoppingJobs - ACCOUNT STATUS
    Get complete details of your account status including payout and history information.

  7. ShoppingJobs - PAYMENT HISTORY
    Reach to the minimum payout balance and request a payment, ShoppingJobs will issue a payment to you for all survey offers you have completed

  8. ShoppingJobs - MY PROFILE
    View & update your pofile details.

  9. ShoppingJobs - REFER A FRIEND
    Earn more & more by referring your friends

  10. ShoppingJobs - TERMS & CONDITIONS

  11. ShoppingJobs - PRIVACY POLICY

  12. ShoppingJobs - ANTI SPAM POLICY

  13. ShoppingJobs - AFFILIATE AGREEMENT

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