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Our production is tailored to meet your specific requirements based on the initial assessment of your program goals and objectives. Our methods allow advertisers to obtain quality results that surpass their performance goals.

Panda offers the following concepts to highly benefit your product or service:
  • Email Delivery
    We employ our Panda Paid Mail® messaging advantage to call attention to your promotion to our members by your statistical focus prerequisites.
  • Onsite Placement
    We sell your promotion with our high volume survey console where our avid members visit regularly.
  • Market Research
    Our customized mailing system and data collection methods allow us to provide qualified candidates for market research studies.
  • Co-Registration
    We promote your offer from our high traffic Offers Marketplace where our eager members visit regularly.

Panda Research owes much of its success to its creative and accomplished technical development team. Panda can meet and exceed your specific requirements for your advertising needs.

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